national accounts

Our National Accounts Programs are catered to the customer’s individual needs and extends to all their locations nationwide. In the past nine (9) years Service Pump & Compressor has aggressively pursued National/Contract accounts throughout the country with encouraging success.

Our National Accounts customers are in a wide range of industries, some of which are listed below:

  • Petrochemical
  • Petroleum Refining & Exploration
  • Marine Construction & Service Providers
  • Mining
  • Quarry
  • Paper Mill
  • Contractors
  • General
  • Environmental Construction & Remediation
  • Disaster Response
  • Golf Course Construction & Maintenance
  • Municipal Sewer / Water Rehabilitation
Our National/Contract account partners receive prompt attention to their needs, whether it is equipment application or engineering assistance, customized billings, summary reports, custom rental/purchase packages or priority for equipment in emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, etc.

A variety of customer account types fall under the Service Pump & Compressor National Accounts Program such as the following listed below:

National Accounts:
National, Multi-Location, Large single location and HERC NARP Accounts, which SP&C is included.
Contract Accounts:
Agreed to Terms & Conditions, and may or may not have scheduled rates.
Managed Accounts:
Terms & Conditions agreement, annual documentation, audits, reporting, which require managing.
Preferred Vendor:
We have first call and/or first right of refusal status for rentals.
Approved Vendor:
Agreed to Terms & Conditions and other qualifying issues.
Alliance-Partner Agreements:
Agreed to Terms & Conditions, Rates and a common interest in each other’s success.
Service Provider Accounts:
Service agreements to provide service to customer owned equipment, such as compressed air systems and pumping systems.